Writer, Educator | Psychic Cheerleader

Show Host & Producer, Brilliance through Resilience Podcast


Hello! I am Andrea Firpo.

With a background in psychology, feng shui, plant medicine, reiki, shamanism, and psychic energetic healing, I identify the underlying source of any patterns inhibiting and undermining your sense of value and self-worth. Together, we focus on transformational healing by building awareness in the body and mind around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma.

Teaching simple, yet powerful energetic tools I have helped many women identify blocks, expand their intuition, heal and make incredible paradigm shifts in their lives. I am passionately devoted to helping women honor their unique self and wisdom within, and I strongly believe we are all just walking each other home.

I also highlight the inspirational stories of powerful women rising and overcoming in my podcast, "Brilliance through Resilience." As a mother and wife, I surround myself with beauty in the Pacific Northwest, where I also love to write and nurture in all forms.

I am based in Portland, Oregon.


I encourage you to go deep with me – to allow for your resistance to give way to a deeper understanding of who you truly are, and whom you are meant to be in this lifetime. Together we will gain breakthroughs and clarity in three specific areas of your life: relationships, career, or health.


I give to you unconditionally. From a grounded holding of loving kindness. You are able to relax, and release the energetic thoughts, pictures and images which you’ve been holding onto - whatever is no longer serving you. We bring all karma, contract, and agreements into present time. I make the process of releasing safe for you, and then I teach you some integrative tools to help you expand even more once we part ways. I hold your hand and look you in the eye to let you know I’m here and we can do this together.

I’m here to help remind you of why you incarnated, and partner you through your transition back to your self – to bring you back in alignment with your truth. I hold the light in the darkness, and help illuminate the next best steps for you. Sometimes I hand you the mirror and show you the answers within. We are always working together, connected energetically, and I am cheering you on.

I offer support when it’s risky, but necessary. I do it over and over again without the need for recognition. I am engaging in the act of love, service and purpose, and I’m asking for your trust and belief in me, even when your trust in your self and others has been broken, again and again. I will stand right by your side – sometimes the teacher - always the student. I believe there are things you have to teach me too and that is why we were drawn to together. Can you feel it?

My hand is here when you need it. Allow me to join you on your journey to awakening.